Making sure your kits are perfect before full production | Impact Prowear August 02 2015

When you design your own kits and create something truly unique for your team it is often the case of making sure the design in your head, on the paper, and what is confirmed is actually what you receive. Here at Impact Prowear to ensure you are always happy with what you receive (after the designs and colours have been confirmed on our production sheets), printed proofs of your sublimated kits are sent to you to ensure you are 100% satisfied. An example of a printed proof for a custom Rugby Jersey can be seen below:
Once you check the prints, we put the item into full production and send you a final confirmation photo of the kit (fully made up).This means you are with us each step of the way in the production process and ensures there are no surprises when you receive the kits at your door! 
If anything needs altering this can be done at any stage of the process without compromising on our quoted lead times to you and we will ensure we hit these every time.  Our usual lead time for all custom kits and team wear items is 4-6 weeks so make sure you get in touch with us today for your quote -