University Rugby Club | Impact Prowear January 26 2015

If you fancy some action packed rugby, being played on a sports ground in earshot of a highway and underneath some of Hong Kong's most expensive luxury apartments, get yourself to this years Kowloon 10's Rugbyfest! Teams from around the world participate, taking part in some fun, sun soaked rugby (before the world famous Hong Kong Sevens)! You only need a team of 12 player's to enter and the 2 day event bring teams from Australia, Thailand, Japan, China and even Brunei to enjoy Hong Kong and all the wonders that it brings before the Sevens weekend.... For more details on the Rugbyfest be sure to check out their page here.
Impact Prowear will be supplying technical apparel to the University Rugby Team in the form of Elite playing jerseys, shorts and some very smart off-filed wear. Be sure to support the team at this years event and if you are looking for some excellent quality kits for the Kowloon 10s Tournament, be sure to get in touch with us!