Box Hill 60th Anniversary Jerseys | Impact Prowear August 22 2019

Impact Prowear have continued their support to  Box Hill RFC for another 2 seasons, having started supplying the team in 2016. The club have collaborated with us to design a unique set of 60th Anniversary Rugby Jerseys for their commemorative year, keeping an emphasis on their original hooped design. These Playing Jerseys are designed to be regular fitting to mimic the fit of their original jerseys and our Zenith Fabric will add breathability and durability to them. As always, we have sublimated the designs and logos to make sure nothing fades or peels and to maintain the quality of their logos through digital reproduction.

All our custom Playing Jerseys have the below features:

 - Durable and breathable Zenith fabric in your choice of colours and design.
 - Strengthened stitching on all seams and hems.
- Contoured sleeve, body and neck for the perfect fit.

- Digitally printed logos and detail to ensure everything stands out.

For your own custom Playing Jerseys, get in touch with Impact Prowear today!