Box Hill Rugby Team Hoodies | Impact Prowear May 12 2017

Box Hill Rugby club in Australia gave us a design brief when determining their off -field apparel for the new 2017/ 2018 season. Although they really liked the flexibility of sublimation and the fact we were able to produce the items they needed in a fully sublimated design, they decided to go with a more traditional cut and sew hooded jumper with embroidered logo's for their new team hoodie. 

Sublimation not only offers flexibility but also ensures a perfect colour match for all items. This means there is true uniformity amongst the team. However, the fabric (especially for a hoodie) may not be as heavy (when in a colder climate) and therefore it is often the case of using a cut and sew style (like the above image) in a heavier (320gsm) fleece fabric. 

There is of course the option to sublimate your own hoodies for your team (as with our partners URC Rugby) but the weight is not as heavy (290gsm), but with anything their are Pro's and Con's for both:

Sublimated Hoodie:

  • Perfect colour match
  • Unlimited design options and flexibility
  • Unlimited logos
  • Breathable and durable fabric
  • Shower proof coating with soft fleece lining
  • 290 gsm weight (more light weight)

Cut and Sew Hoodie:

  • Heavier fabric (ideal for a colder climate)
  • Embroidered logos stand out more
  • Breathable and soft fabric
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