Gentofte Rugby Club | Impact Prowear September 22 2016

Impact Prowear are proud to announce the signing of the newly formed Gentofte Rugby Club in Denmark! The club were formed in early 2016 and have now firmly established a youth and mini set up and are looking to increase their members with an adult section! We love it when rugby is expanding and wish Gentofte the best of luck for 2016 and moving forward, we hope you grow from strength to strength!

If you are looking to take part in rugby, want to see what it is all about or want to go down and be part of a great club, get in touch with Gentofte RFC today!

The team will be wearing our Elite Rugby Jerseys, Pro Shorts and Euro socks for the season and their design was based on a collaboration between Impact Prowear and the team!

If you are a new rugby club looking for a reliable, cost effective and on-time service, get in touch with Impact Prowear today!