Old Hararians Rugby Club | Impact Prowear May 07 2018

Impact Prowear are proud to announce the 3 year signing of Old Hararians Rugby Club in Zimbabwe! The team will be added to the staple of clubs already playing, training and wearing Impact Prowear kits in the country along with the National Rugby 7s (Zimbabwe Cheetahs) and 15s team (Zimbabwe Sables)! 

The signing of the club took a few weeks of negotiations and back and forth but a deal was ultimately agreed and we are sure both parties could not be happier. This strengthens the brand in the market and allows more fans to see the quality of the apparel first hand. The club will be wearing Impact Prowear's Elite playing and off-field wear designed and manufactured exclusively for the team. The custom teamwear ensures they will stand out in the league and show case some new products for their fans!

For all supporter merchandise for the team, get in touch with Impact Prowear today!