The Evolution of Rugby Jerseys and Playing Kits July 18 2016

Rugby is an extremely physical sport, which originated in England, about 200 years ago. Gradually attracting fans all around the world, Rugby has become one of the most enjoyed games and has become more popular these last 10 years. This all being said, a rugby team can never do without a proper and well-made rugby kit.

In order to represent a nation, a separate team or a club, rugby teams wear different uniforms, which can help in enhancing their physical and mental performance during the game. A rugby kit may look classy, sleek and fit, however, if it makes you uncomfortable, it fails to serve its purpose. With the evolution in sports, kits have evolved as well. Similarly, there is a lot of difference between the traditional rugby kits and the modern ones, which people might not be properly familiar with.

The Traditional Kits:
The traditional rugby kits were mostly made with thick acrylic fibres, which were prone to absorb sweat, and make the uniform heavier. As a result, the movement of a player was decreased, and the ability to evade and perform tackles was restricted as well. These jerseys easily hanged after being drenched in sweat, and were easy to grab and pull. Moreover, the traditional jerseys did not have the capability to transfer the water or sweat, which played a huge role in decreasing the overall performance of a rugby player on the field.

The Modern Kits:
The modern rugby kits have improved tremendously, helping athletes give their 100% performance in the field. The modern kits are manufactured with very technical, man-made fabrics, which are extremely lightweight, very durable, impressively strong and comfortable to wear. Moreover, the modern kits are also highly breathable, which helps in enhancing the performance of a rugby player, during a game. One of the most reliable sites to get the best modern rugby kits from is from Impact Prowear!

Our Elite Fitting Range has the following features built in:

  1. Improves Performance by being light weight and extremely strong.
  2. Highly Breathable - our extremely technical fabrics help absorb and remove sweat from the wearer ensuring there is no excess liquid trapped in the fabric.
  3. Lightweight - at 220gsm the fabric is by far some of the lightest currently available on the market.
  4. Very Strong - kit longevity is one of the most important factors in our rugby kits. Not only is our fabric extremely strong but as all seams are strengthened there is a reduced chance if ripping.